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Passive RFID

GT&T Engineering provides a wide range of passive RFID product; all tags and readers are compliant with the latest EPC Class 1 Gen 2 technology. Engineered to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, GT&T's passive RFID products are well-suited for any applications for asset or personnel tracking required for your business.



Asset Tag - GTag-PAU40

Track and trace any assets with GT&T's Asset Tag. Compatible with technology employed by the logistics sector, GTag-PAU40 is resistant to rough outdoor environment and provides vital protection to your properties.

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Cattle Tag - GTag-PCU40

Designed specifically to track domesticated animals, GT&T's Cattle Tag is compatible with RFID mandates from major farms in Australia, New Zealand and South America region. Configured to withstand harsh conditions on the ranch, your livestock can now be tracked easily with GTag-PCU40.

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Laundry Tag - GTag-PLU40

Constructed to withstand extreme heat and pressure and made to undergo complete functional and parametric testing, GT&T's Laundry Tag is the perfect equipment for garment tracking. Besides laundry tracking, GTag-PLU40 is well-suited for applications which include product authentication and asset management using Philips U-Code/Impinj Monza Chipset.

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Metal Tag - GTag-PMU40

Compatible with the technology employed by the retail and logistics' sector, GT&T's Metal Tag is designed for the harsh outdoor environment. GTag-PMU40 is suitable for various supply chain management applications such as metal/non-metal shelving tracking, asset tracking as well as metal/non-metal pallet tracking.

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Pallet Tag (Fly Tag) - GTag-PFU40

GT&T's Pallet Tag can be employed in different applications in the supply chain managemen.. GTag-PFU40 can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and is the ideal equipment for both pallet tagging and asset tracking.

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Wheelie Bin Tag - GTag-EW01

The Wheelie Bin Tag is an EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID transponder, which fits into the existing chip nest of most existing models of residential waste bins.

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Industrial Bin Tag - GTag-EW02

The Industrial Bin Tag is an EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID transponder, designed and tuned specifically for mounting onto metal bins and containers.

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GT&T's GRaptor are network-ready readers designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. GRaptor is also able to read any tags using TCP/IP natively and fully support different standard network technologies including DCHP, UDP/IP over internet, 802.11x, HTTP, SNMP and remote upgrades.


GT&T 570RF(9) Gen2 Handheld Reader


GT&t 570RF (9) Gen2 Handheld Reader has an integrated RFID reader and patch antenna. It boasts a maximum read range of up to 4m. (16ft.) and fully supports ISO 18000-6B, Gen2 protocols. It has integrated USB, IrDA1.1, RS-232C, WLAN and Bluetooth with optional CDMA, GPS and GPRS/GSM modules available.


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