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GT&T Ultra Low Power and long range RF technology provides reliable and cost-effective wireless communication solutions for remote data measurement & control applications. It supports the list of applications and autonomous G-telemetry family of RFID Sensors.

GTherm - Temperature Measurement

Ambient room temperature can be measured and logged by dropping a number of GTherms at the desired location. GScada allows setting of High & Low Temperature Threshold and provides alert when these are breached. Historical temperature charts and reports are standard features of GScada applications.

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GSense - Industrial Sensors
Most industrial devices or machinery provide 4-20 mA or 0-5 volt output which can be linked to GSense to provide continuous monitoring without elaborate hardware interfacing. Some example applications are HVAC, industrial automation machinery control and oil & gas instrumentation.

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GFlow - Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)

GFlow is an ultra-low power wireless module for multi-entry utility AMR networks (fixed and mobile solutions). Customized GFlow modules are designed for various standard analog or digital meters and can be fitted into the installed meter to generate wireless electricity usage reports. This is a lower cost option compared to replacing all field-installed meters with new generation digital meters.

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GTank - Remote Liquid Measurement
GLog - Device ON/OFF Monitoring & Control

GLogis a bi-directional wireless control & monitoring module for all devices with pulse or output levels, e.g.on/pff flow device, open/closed door access control modules and security alarms.

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GPort - Wireless Modem Transceiver

GPortis a wireless modem based on Ultra Low Power technology. When connected to a PC, GPortallows the machines to control and manage a wireless network of GTelemetry embedded modules with bi-directional communication capabilities.

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