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Secure trade has become such an importance in international trade today. Governments, industries and businesses are trying their best to protect their supply chains from possible terrorist acts or mischief by setting up national trade security programmes and recovery and preventive measures with trading partners.

GT&T shares the same perspective when we first started the company in 2002 with the intent of solutions helping organizations track and trace via RF, GPS, GPRS and GSM based wireless communication. Accountability and traceability became a buzz word internally that all our R&D efforts have them in mind.

GT&T Engineering in partnership with Eucharist has developed a secured, globally track and trace electronic seal. It is able to bring you instant tracking and verification information with a click of mouse.

With advanced RFID capabilities and enhanced programmability, the electronic seal stores information such as event data like the time, date and duration of every seal opening and closing during storage or along a delivery route, shipment information, custom clearance information, container cargo information and end recipient’s information.

Today, we have a complete suite of solution to help you achieve safer and better trade from the beginning of the supply chain right to the end and thus helping you to streamline your sales and operational process.

This development has being approved by IDA’s (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore) Infocomm Enterprise Programme – a sectoral deployment solution in Singapore. Participating in this sectoral deployment are Jurong Port, some 3PLs and shipping lines.

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