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Imagine an organization that has the majority of its businesses on the road. Although the deployment of its transportation resources may be based on years of experience, the organization will not be able to improve on its efficiency without an integrated management system. The lack of effective fleet control can cost up to millions of dollars yearly; the organization will lose its competitive edge to other competitors who are able to offer lower prices, better coverage and speedier services. GFleet™, an all-purpose Fleet Management System suitable for any fleet size, is the solution for forward looking fleet owners and service operators.

GFleet™ combines all pertinent location based services (LBS) to form an integrated control and command platform. These include the most advanced components of

- Global Positioning System (GPS)
- Geographical Information System (GIS)
- General Packet Radio Services (GPRS)
- Mobile Data Computer (MDC)
- Relational Data Base
- Web Services
- Microsoft .Net Framework

Users will be able to use GFleet as the core of their transportation management system either in the form of a Control and Command Centre or a customer-centric call centre. GFleet™ also provides modules to enhance operational efficiency. They include GCAD for daily track & trace operation, TripPlanner for fleet operation planning and FleetManager for data maintenance.

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