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For any generic fleet operator or fleet service provider, G-Fleet™ is the ideal candidate to form the backbone of their command and control centre. It brings forth the following tangible and intangible benefits.

Increase Sales Revenue
G-Fleet™ improves fleet utilisation which translates to more routes per vehicle and thus increasing productivity and sales revenue. When used as a customer-centric marketing & service tool, the fleet tracking and tracing features will help user to gain new market opportunities.

Responsive Customer Service
Improved information flow on goods delivery, route and schedule adherence (RSA), drivers' politically correct behavior, safety and security, all contribute to customer satisfaction. Real-time visibility of the entire fleet and their schedule allows accurate prediction of arrival which in turn leads to faster pickups and deliveries. Dispatcher would be able to respond to customer enquiry in a timely fashion. For adhoc order, closest vehicle can be dispatched to the pickup point. Billing Disputes can be resolved amicably from the recorded vehicle arrival and departure times for proof-of-presence.

Efficient Logistics Management
Reduce cost by avoiding delay. Eliminate vehicle idling and lengthy detours. Assistance to lost drivers and eliminate employee downtime. Dispatch at a glance (view specific vehicle or the entire fleet), knowledge will create confidence and reduce stress and assures better management decisions (route evaluation, attract and retrain the best employees, efficient scheduling)

Heighten Vehicle Security, Regulation Compliance & Driver Protection
For fleet plowing high-crime territories, G-Fleet™ facilitates anti-theft monitoring and emergency events handling, hence both company and drivers enjoy added protection from external threats. Ensure compliance with government organization regulations, such as speeding, restricted/security zone access, vehicle height restrictions.

Reduce Fleet Operation Cost
Motoring data allows savings on fuel and reduction in vehicle wear and tear, reduce unnecessary overtime, minimize unauthorised use of company vehicles.

Serve more customers in less time using fewer resources to do equal or more work. Exceed what the competitors can offer at a lower price without eroding the profit margin.

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