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While it is commonly accepted that security and prevention system cannot be quantify in the form of ROI, it is however unquestionable that an in-house personnel and asset security tracking system will yield long term benefits that flow down from the top management to all workers within the company.

For the Top Management 
Safeguard the companies' personnel and assets, thereby safeguarding the companies' exposure to business discontinuity, reducing capital and insurance costs.

For the Security Team

Increases coverage efficiency without increasing security staff resources.
Geo-fencing maps virtual out-of-bound areas to specific visitor's profile, reducing security personnel workload and increase compound coverage.
With global view of personnel and assets, team will be able to response instantly during any crises situation.

For IT Team
The high tech infrastructure can be further exploited and interfaced for streamlining of operation, leading to cost reduction, workload reduction and increased productivity.

For Human Resources
The data collected from G-Sentry can be used to plan staffing requirements. Working hours for daily rated workers and overtime claims can be monitored and collated efficiently and speedily based on actual presence at locations.

For All
Peace of mind from working in a secured environment, protected from external threats.
Though the system may not be able to avert exceptional events, but the company will be equipped with the rapid response capability should unexpected crises arise.

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