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Active RFID

GT&T Engineering offers the following range of active RFID products for your requirements. GT&T’s RFID devices are designed to have long lifetimes and transmission ranges while requiring little power; they are manufactured to be reliable, robust and resistant to hazardous industrial environments.

High Performance Industrial Reader




Light-weight with a RS232 interface, GLink-WC830D is compact, robust and has SDK available for integration with custom applications. With configurable transmission power using API/messaging protocols (15 levels), it also has an extremely long radio range. No wiring is required between access points as it utilizes wireless relay hops to reach data collector in its network infrastructure.


ULP Long Range Industrial Tag




Using sophiscated protocal & modulation design which includes GFSK & FEC alogorithms, GTag-WI830B-B is suitable for use in tough industrial environments. Its typical transmission goes up to 100m indoors and 250m outdoors (L.O.S.) while the battery life can last up to 10 years when transmitting at 5.0 second interval.

Industrial tag can be customized with the following sensors:
- Motion sensor
- Temperature sensor
- Humidity sensor
- Pulse sensor


Active Personnel Tag






With sophisticated protocol & modulation design which includes GFSK & FEC alogorithms, the compact and light-weight GTag-WP830B is extremely resistant to harsh RF enviroments. With battery-life up to 5 years, it has a typical transmission range of 20m indoors and up to 50m outdoors (L.O.S.).


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